Cardano (ADA) Aiming to Attract More Developers with Shelley Phase in Q1 2019

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Cardano (ADA) Aiming to Attract More Developers with Shelley Phase in Q1 2019

The 11th-largest cryptocurrency in the market and also the blockchain based crypto project with the greatest number of commits in 2018, Cardano (ADA), is coming close to the next stage on its roadmap.

Currently in Byron phase, Shelley is said to be arriving with an increased stability and complete decentralization, while the teams working on the next stage are set to attract more developers to the network, focusing on enabling substantial growth in the upcoming stage.

Open Ouroboros Delegation will be accordingly introduced to the community through its implementation into the network.

Shelley To Assure Key Elements for the Future Growth of the Network

Byron stage is about to end to allow a new phase of Cardano’s development to come to the stage.

While the current stage Byron was set to establish fundamentals for Cardano network, allowing users to operate with ADA through trading and transfers, Shelley is said to be design to assure that all the crucial elements for the further growth of the network are in line with establishing fully decentralized and autonomous system.

According to the official roadmap of Cardano (ADA), Shelley stage will begin with delegation and stake pool test nets.

What Cardano teams are aiming at in addition is attracting more developers to the network, as Cardano platform should offer a higher level of stability, allowing developers to harvest the power of the upcoming stage.

Cardano teams are also looking into coming up with solutions to scalability, striving towards making ADA into a third-generation cryptocurrency.

To achieve that, the teams will need to deliver solutions for scalability, interoperability and sustainability.

The further progress of Shelley stage will bring contributions to the overall governance, stability and interoperability of the network.

As described in the roadmap for 2019, Shelley will progress towards more developmental stages, which should increase its complexity and interdependence, additionally using more “exotic” cryptography.

Charles Hoskinson Announces “Shelley is Coming”

In an official post on Twitter published by Charles Hoskinson on January 7th, the founder of Cardano (ADA) and the head of IOHK development team, announced the arrival of Shelley.

According to the initial post, Hoskinson announced heading to Berlin in order to finalize the design of Cardano’s delegation mechanics with “50 pages of math to go through,” and concluding his post with “Shelley is Coming”.

The team is currently at the meetup in Berlin where the team is discussing delegation and staking on the network.

Additionally, another development report was produced by IOHK team and released several days ago on January 11th.

With the latest development report, the team presented some improvements regarding Daedalus wallet, which brought improved logic for stalled blocks detection, conducted through the implementation of tracking for local and network block heights.

Additionally, the team is preparing a new interface for the upcoming features for Daedalus wallet alongside adding a stakeholder API for GraphQL package, also completing workstream on the wallet backend.


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