Bloggers on WordPress Can be Paid in IOTA, Nano, Stellar and XRP

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Bloggers Working with WordPress Can Now be Paid in IOTA, Nano, Stellar and XRP

Programmers Lacicloud, Dan Darden, and Laszlo Molnarfi have developed plugins that allow WordPress bloggers to set up a cryptocurrency supported payment method on their websites.

Alongside this service that allows WordPress bloggers to receive payments in IOTA (MIOTA), another plugin for WordPress is enabling cryptocurrency-based payments that support Stellar Lumens (XLM), IOTA (MIOTA), and Nano (NANO).

Bloggers Can Now Be Paid in Cryptocurrency Through is a WooCommerce plugin created and developed by programmers Dan Darden and Laszlo Molnarfi.

The goal behind this plugin is to enable cryptocurrency-based payments for bloggers and website owners through WooCommerce, specifically supporting payments made in IOTA (MIOTA), currently taking the rank of the 12th largest cryptocurrency.

IOTA is famous by its unique “blockless” infrastructure known as “Tangle,” which is also the reason why IOTA has shown to be a valuable project in the domain of the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communication.

In the upcoming months, IOTA and Volkswagen, one of the foundation’s most prominent partners, are set to release Volkswagen’s Car ID that should help increase the adoption of IOTA, as well as allow Volkswagen users to take advantage of machine-to-machine communication and blockchain technology through real-life use case of IOTA.

Moreover, the plugin made for IOTA comes with QR code generation functions and it is automatically updated.

Since is listed as an open-source project, another independent developer, Lacicloud made a contribution to the project, enabling secure crypto-based payments with IOTA.

WordFence, a popular security add-on for WordPress is compatible with plugin, while WordFence represents a commonly used way of keeping spam and hackers away.

Since WordFence is made to alert WordPress website owners of potential threats and attacks, will need to be whitelisted through this security add-on.

Bitvolo Trustless Crypto Payment Gateway Enables Payments in XLM, XRP, NANO, and IOTA

Another plugin for WordPress made to support IOTA (MIOTA) based payments is Bitvolo Trustless Crypto Payment Gateway developed for WooCommerce.

Besides from supporting IOTA payments, Bitvolo plugin also supports cryptocurrency payments in XLM, XRP, and NANO currency, which could potentially increase the level of adoption for these digital assets, at the same time driving the overall adoption of cryptocurrency for e-commerce and crypto-based payments on WordPress.

The plugin is also made to support SEPA bank transfers and it also lowers the amount of fees that bloggers usually need to pay on credit card payments.

While credit card payment fees for similar plugins can go up to 5% of the amount, Bitvolo sets a minimal fee of 0.05 CHF per single transaction.

Another perk of using Bitvolo plugin is that it provides support for cryptocurrencies by allowing a direct conversion of fiat currencies like USD, CHF, and EUR to cryptocurrency.

Additionally, updates are being made automatically while users can rely on the fact that all maintaining and resolving of technical problems will be done through IOTA’s Tangle network and blockchain nodes.   


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