Blockchain Education in the Philippines Going Mainstream


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As Whether formal or casual, blockchain education is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines, with it’s usage in the education sector still new. Before adoption, education has to come.

ConsenSys Solutions Philippines Lead, Aiai Garcia said there is a growing interest in blockchain education in the Philippines but formal blockchain education in still new and growing. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is being urged to create government recognized certificates to institutions that deliver blockchain workshops for universities. For now Garcia said, the public can take short courses online for professional certifications. For developers, there are hackathons and startup competitions hosted by the likes of BlockDevs, Satoshi Citadel Industries, and UnionBank.

“What we are looking forward to is seeing more formal education offerings delivered by educational institutions. Such programs will allow Filipino technologists to meet the increasing global demand for blockchain development, fueling the economy in special economic zones like CEZA. Increasing education delivered by qualified instructors will enable the public to discover new blockchain-enabled use cases and business models,”

With all of the education available out there, the Philippines appear to be taking the lead in an industry that looks towards disrupting the traditional markets. When we look at all of the innovation that is going on in this space, we are seeing a real renaissance of business, industry and technology. For every single genre of business out there, we have blockchain based businesses and projects that are working to address problematic parts to improve performance, empower people, make better use of resources and achieve ladders of opportunnity. Part of that disruption is education. Here are some interesting education projects that are currently being supported:

  • UnionBank’s Blockchain Institute – Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) launched last October the Blockchain Institute, a six-month program to equip developers to learn capabilities focused on blockchain.


  • Asian Insititute of AI – Manila-based Asian Insititute of Artificial Intelligence (AI) certifies qualified IT practitioners including blockchain professionals. Its course on blockchain guarantees the knowledge and comprehension of the students in blockchain technology and its applications. The course is currently focused on two blockchain applications — cryptocurrency and identity management.


  • Blockchain Space (Manila) – The Blockchain Space in Manila is perhaps one of the best venues in the Philippines where you can learn about blockchain directly from local and international key players.


  • ConsenSys Academy – Contributing also to blockchain education in the Philippines is ConsenSys Academy, the education-tech arm of US-based blockchain software firm ConsenSys. The academy supported last year UnionBank’s Blockchain Institute by delivering a five-day Ethereum for Developers course to 100 students.


  • Blockchain Association of the Philippines – Although still a vision, we’re including in the list the “blockchain education program” by the newly-created Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP). The association’s vice chairman Ramon Vicente de Vera recently disclosed plans of proposing the program’s creation to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

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