Blockchain Cuties and TRON (TRX) Integration


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Blockchain Cuties and TRON (TRX) Integration: Cuties Coming to TRON’s Fast Growing Network

Besides from being one of the top trading currencies in the course of the last seven days after the major dip of November has come to an end, allowing the crypto market to enter December at least with some percentage of gains, TRON is also one of the fastest developing projects.

After launching the mainnet only a half year ago, TRON foundation is already working on Web 3.0 with BitTorrent and new offers for this file sharing service that include TRX adoption, also working on the development towards entering the gaming industry, working in Dapp development and the general improvement of the network.

Only a day before the announcement on 100 million dollars being invested in a 3-year long project TRON Arcade that should help the foundation revolutionize the gaming industry, Blockchain Cuties announced their integration with TRON.

Blockchain Cuties Integrated with TRON Network: TRON is Developing at an Accelerated Pace

Only a day before the announcement about TRON Arcade came out, stating that 100 million dollars will be invested in the development of blockchain powered gaming during the period of three years, Blockchain Cuties announced their integration with TRON network.

Blockchain Cuties is a blockchain based adventure game that allows users to acquire collectibles which are presented in the game in form of different cute animals.

These collectibles are all actually ERC-721 tokens much like the digital assets found in the popular blockchain game Crypto Kitties and can become a part of a larger market where these tokens could become very valuable assets.

At the same time, having the collectibles forming an entirely new market for Blockchain Cuties users, the rise of the game will condition profit to players across the globe as these assets are tradable.

Regarding the partnership, Blockchain Cuties team stated that TRON is one of the greatest innovators in the blockchain space, and is a fast-growing network, which is why they have chosen to use TRON network for their game.

The team also promised to bring more giveaways and new features to the game as the app is going towards further development now that the milestone of getting the game to TRON network has been completed.

The fact that the team behind the game stated that TRON managed to solve scalability issues and speed problems only indicates that TRX network probably won’t have any network problems caused by the game unlike it was the case with Ethereum and Crypto Kitties.

What is Blockchain Cuties Integration Bringing to TRON foundation and TRX?

By integrating with the TRON network, Blockchain Cuties team is directly witnessing the ability of TRX to support blockchain games and solve all potential problems that can jeopardize scalability and speed of the network.

TRON is at the same time working on the new project called TRON Arcade that should help the foundation revolutionize the gaming industry in the next 3 years.

At the same time, Blockchain Cuties integration provides an insight into technical capabilities of TRX as a major decentralized platform and one of the fastest growing blockchain-based projects. 


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