Belarus’ Tokenized Securities Exchange Opens for Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

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The “First Regulated” Tokenized Securities Exchange Opens in Belarus for Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Even though Dx. exchange launched less than two weeks ago on January 7th, offering services for trading real-life assets in digital currencies for free without ever closing that way allowing users to trade Nasdaq stocks even outside the working hours and the US, another tokenized securities exchange emerged claiming to be the “first regulated” exchange of this kind. is sponsored by Bloomberg and has support of Nasdaq as their trade technology partner, also regulated in accordance with the EU laws.

However, the newly launched exchange named is said to be the first tokenized securities exchange in Belarus, described on the official trading platform as the “world’s first” exchange to trade securities in form of digital assets, allowing trading in Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Belarus-based Launches the “World’s First” Tokenized Securities Exchange announced the official launch of their exchange, presenting it as the world’s first tokenized securities exchange, allowing users to trade no-crypto assets with cryptocurrencies, also making profit in form of digital assets.

Users of the newly launched exchange can choose their leverage level based on their experience in trading in order to maximize their returns on investments, offering up to 50 times leverage on the amount of Bitcoin that you are trading with.

That means that users can get in with 1 Bitcoin unit and trade with 50 based on the maximal leverage level.

 Moreover, the exchange is also offering stop-loss option, which allows users to limit their losses on downside trends, while upside trading is unlimited.

The exchange is also regulated, much like the previously launched Dx. exchange, while the official website claims that is regulated by the High Technology Park of Belarus, which represents a European blockchain regulator.

Belarus Won’t Tax Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies in the Next 4 Years

The founder of VP Capital, Viktor Prokopenya, that initially launched the exchange, claims that Belarusian regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain can match the authority of global regulations, stressing out that Belarus has already ensured cryptocurrency and blockchain-friendly environment for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Back in 2017, the government of Belarus declared Bitcoin to be a legal currency, also legalizing operations with smart contracts alongside making ICOs legal as well.

The government agreed that they won’t tax cryptocurrency and blockchain companies until the year 2023, allowing these companies to develop in accordance with the foundational technology that blockchain represents.

The founder of VP Capital adds that their project,, should allow domestic blockchain-based companies to collect more revenue through their exchange by trading stocks like Apple Inc (APPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) by using digital assets without the need of transferring their assets into fiat currency.

According to whitepaper, there should be over 150 different assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum at the time of the launch, stating that there should be over 10,000 different assets on the exchange in the future.

Despite the fact that Belarus is a fertile soil for blockchain-based companies and startups, is the first registered crypto exchange market in the country by far. 


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