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Here’s Why Ripple Inc Must Engage with Central Banks


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Ripple (XRP) price action has not been as buoyant as that of most other altcoins or Bitcoin (BTC) for example. Despite the divergence, XRP started 2019 on a bullish note but its less than stellar performance at the moment is beginning to raise some skepticism with many in the crypto-sphere wondering about the coin’s future.

Ripple’s goal is to disrupt the legacy financial institution’s dealings and take over from SWIFT with its faster and more efficient blockchain based technology. Ripple’s Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation Dilip Dao, has been at the forefront of introducing Ripple’s novel system to central banks and other financial sectors around the world.

Ripple in Vienna

Dilip will be in Vienna, Austria to take part in the World Bank Fintech Conference on May 22 to 23rd. Hosted by the Vienna& Financial Sector Advisory Center, Dilip plans to converse with the global banking industry on fintech and its operational lending arm. There, he will most possibly assist more financial institutions to adopt Ripple’s DLT, since he has become very adept at selling Ripple’s products to many a bank, including central banks.

But, if anything, this is a strategic move to focus to on central banks because as a Ripple supporter, BankXRP, rightfully tweets “central banks are both regulators of their financial ecosystem. But they also operate the payment system in their own country. They can be a catalyst for innovation“.