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by Coinhooked - 4 days ago

Expect a Bitcoin (BTC) FOMO after 2020 Halving

The fear of missing out (FOMO) has been a contributing factor in leading people to invest or hodl Bitcoin. This phenomenon is likely to continue now that we are roughly 12 months away from the third halving event in the history of Bitcoin (BTC)....

by Coinhooked - 4 days ago

Japan Targets Bitcoin In G20 Anti-Money Laundering Push

Ahead of next month’s G20 summit, host Japan looks to tighten money laundering regulations, specifically targeting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is also due to inspect Japan’s anti-money lau...

by Coinhooked - 4 days ago

Owning Bitcoin is (and has been) legal in China

In a recent report, the Beijing News analyzed a case which involved more than 100 people who were scammed out of 7,000 BTC. Wei Xiao, a council member at the Bank of China Law Research Association, stated that owning bitcoin in China is legal. Althou...