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by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

Amazon Files Proof-Of-Work Patent Using Cryptography

Amazon this week filed a US patent for a Proof-of-Work system which uses cryptography to generate Merkle trees. The Bitcoin and Ethereum networks use such ‘hash trees’ to verify the content of large data structures. Proof-of-Work as a To...

by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

Bitcoin Is Already Winning the US and China Trade War

After five months of ceasefire, the US-China trade war is getting uglier by the day–and that’s good news for Bitcoin. The Many Reasons Bitcoin Price Is Pumping Ask any key industry player or analyst why Bitcoin price is rising and they’ll prob...

by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

IOTA aims to use IoT to build smarter cities in Texas

IOTA, one of the fastest growing blockchain foundations on the world, announced that it will sponsor the first inaugural Texas Smart Cities Summit, an event that aims to accelerate smart city efforts in the state of Texas. The company will also hold...