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by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

Will Facebook Store Data of Libra Cryptocurrency Users

Recently, Facebook came under heavy fire for a massive security breach of its network and personal data pilferage of millions of users. However, in a letter to US senators, the social media giant has assured that it will not be collecting and storing...

by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

Bitstamp Unveils Bitcoin Lightning Network Node

On July 8 the Lightning Network got a huge publicity boost as Bitstamp announced that it had launched its own Lightning node. Another Step Toward Widespread Adoption On Monday Bitstamp revealed that it had launched a Bitcoin Lightning node to furth...

by Coinhooked - 1 week ago

New Bitcoin Tax Rules To Boost Crypto Market Growth

According to the Wall Street Journal, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is expected to update its guidance on Bitcoin tax treatment within weeks. In the meantime, members of the U.S. Congress fear that the U.S. is falling behind other nations in the...

by Coinhooked - 2 weeks ago

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bullish MA Cross on Hourly Chart

Bitcoin has broken to the upside within the last 48 hours. This paired with the recent 200EMA / 50MA bullish cross could indicate the start of a new bullish uptrend. $11,300 looks to be a strong support zone around POC (Point of Control) that will di...

by Coinhooked - 3 weeks ago

Wanchain Beta Testnet Goes Live, What’s Next?

Wanchain – a blockchain project that aims to build the future of digital finance, has just launched its much anticipated Galaxy Proof of Stake Beta TestNet. Through the platform’s cross-chain communication protocol, the Wanchain beta laun...

by Coinhooked - 2 months ago

Microsoft Picks Bitcoin to Create a New Identity System

Microsoft is developing a Bitcoin-based decentralized identity system that aims to significantly improve privacy, security, and control while achieving tens-of-thousands of operations per second. Credentials, in the new identity system, will be wholl...

by Coinhooked - 2 months ago

What's a Blockchain - INFOGRAPHIC

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