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Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Targets $100 Trillion, Surpassing Gold

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According to the stock-to-flow model, bitcoin market cap is aiming for $100 trillion after 2028. So says Bitcoin market analyst, planB, anyway.

Bitcoin: Stock-To-Flow Periodic Table

Bitcoin analyst, planB, is well known for his predictions based on the stock-to-flow (S2F) model. This is based on bitcoin (like gold) having an intrinsic value due to its scarcity of supply. The capped amount at 21 million, coupled with the regular halving of its emission, leads to an increasing scarcity of supply.

So far, throughout its existence, bitcoin price 00 has followed this stock-to-flow model fairly closely, which planB has then duly charted for his followers. Mapped on to these charts are often S2F values for other physical commodities like gold.

In his latest tweet, planB has added diamonds to the mapped physical commodities and thinks he sees a pattern forming.