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Bitcoin Has Been Profitable For 98.66% Of Its History

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Bitcoin holders have made easier profits than traders who buy and sell it consecutively, according to data provided by Rhythm Trader.

The prominent cryptocurrency analyst found that bitcoin has been profitable for 3,817 days out of 3,869 days of its existence. That makes 98.66 percent of its history. He added that the only people who lost money in the bitcoin market are the ones who exited during downtrends. On the other hand, the ones who kept holding the cryptocurrency regardless of bias pressure, made the maximum profits.

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Green shows where buying bitcoin has been profitable | Image Credits: Rhythm Trader

To Hold Bitcoin or Not

The revelation came amidst an ongoing discussion about whether or not bitcoin is an ideal store of value asset. Those who support the narrative believe bitcoin is as much a safe haven asset as gold is, i.e., it exhibits a similar scarcity as the precious metal, however excels when it comes to storing and transacting it without permission. Those who are against the narrative believe bitcoin’s underlying price volatility makes it a poor store of value asset.

Between the two narratives are traders who treat bitcoin as a pure speculative vehicle. Their day job is to make money off the cryptocurrency’s intraday price fluctuations. If they are whales, they are able to move the market exponentially in either direction. If they are regular investors, they merely tail the bias until it stops making a profit for them.