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Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 1 week ago

DAI is the first stablecoin listed on Coinbase Earn

Dai is the first stablecoin to be listed on Coinbase’s education portal, which will enable its users to earn $6 in the coin by participating in lessons. Coinbase adds DAI to its Earn program According to the company’s official blog post, starting from June 10, its customers will be able...

Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 1 week ago

Could Litecoin overtake XRP before the halving?

Litecoin has been surging amid the upcoming block rewards reduction. LTC’s market capitalization recently increased by $2 billion leaving Bitcoin Cash behind. Now, as the bullish trend continues the question is, “will LTC flip XRP?” The Halving Event Fifty-five days from today, at exactly bloc...