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Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 1 week ago

Binance lowers its fee structure as BNB price surges

After a steady increase in the market valuation of Binance Coin, Binance DEX announced it would lower its fee structure. #Binance Chain Mainnet Lowering Fee Structure — Binance DEX (@Binance_DEX) June 12, 2019 Success leads to lower fees Sinc...

Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 1 week ago

Report: 75% of EOS Transactions Churned By Bots

A damning report released by AnChain.AI has brought to the light the fact that over $6 million worth of transaction on the EOS platform is made by bots. AnChain.AI is a tech firm that provides the blockchain ecosystem with AI-powered security, and it said that the bot activity, which was both malic...