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Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 18 hours ago

Bitcoin (BTC) Hits $8,600, And Everyone Is Overjoyed

Bitcoin Breaks Past $8,400 In A Spectacular Fashion And just like that, Bitcoin (BTC) has broken out at last. In the past hour, the cryptocurrency has surged by approximately 7%, moving from $8,050 to $8,620 in a rapid move to the upside, passing resistances like they were nothing more than sogg...

Cryptocurrency / Crypto News - 19 hours ago

Louis Vuitton Turning to Blockchain to Weed out Fakes

Luxury goods maker LVMH of the famous Louis Vuitton brand is adopting blockchain technology. The iconic label is going to use blockchain to track and authenticate its popular luxury items on its AURA platform. AURA is going live beginning with Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton items. However, LV...